Part 1: Rapid City Birds

These are all birds that have visited our backyard in western Rapid City.
Most of the photos were taken through our back window.
Many of the birds live in the neighborhood, and many visit annually during parts of the year.

Western Tanager (occasional)

Blue Jay (lives in neighborhood)

Red Breasted Nuthatch (lives in neighborhood)

Chickadee (lives in neighborhood)

Cedar Waxwing (occasional)

Catbird (yearly visitor)

Dove (lives in neighborhood)

Downy Woodpecker (lives in neighborhood)

Northern Flicker (lives in neighborhood)

House Finch (lives in neighborhood)

Hairy Woodpecker (lives in neighborhood)

Goldfinch (lives in neighborhood)

Boat Tail Grackle (yearly visits)

Lazuli Bunting (occasional)

Junco (lives in neighborhood)

Bullock's Oriole (rare)

Robin (yearly visits)

Sparrow (lives in neighborhood)

Grosbeak (yearly visits)

White-Crowned Sparrow (occasional)

Starling (lives in neighborhood)

Towhee (yearly visits)

Red-Wing Blackbird (yearly visits)

White Breasted Nuthatch (occasional)


Red Crossbill (yearly visits)

bird killing Perigrine Falcon (rare, thankfully!)

Part 2: South Dakota Birds

Most of these bird photos were taken in the Black Hills.

Mountain Bluebird (common above 5000ft)

Bald Eagle (fairly common)

Great Blue Heron

Fledgling Herons being harrassed by an Osprey


Common Yellowthroat (occasional)

Golden Eagle (occasional)

Gray Jay (common)

Great Horned Owl (rarely seen)

Great White Egret


Red-Tailed Hawk

Killdeer (occasional in higher hills)

Belted Kingfisher


Mallard Ducks

Tree Swallow



Red Headed Woodpecker

Red-Naped Sapsucker

Seagull (passing through?)

Turkey Vulture

Wild Turkey (common and some rare brown Wild Turkeys)

Yellow Headed Blackbird

Peacock ("Miles" was the neigborhood Peacock in Cleghorn Canyon)

Conspicuously absent is our South Dakota state bird, the Ring-Necked Pheasant.
We're still waiting to be in the right place at the right time for a good photo!

More to come!

All images and pages copyright©Merrill Mabbs