**CANADIAN Antique Radios**

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Addison Model 5D and 5E, AM and Shortwave, available in various catalin color combinations.
(see example of dramatic marbling), 1946.
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Marbled black/white plaskon, green & white plaskon L2

white & maroon and maroon & white plaskon versions

One of the all time classic 1940s radio designs with the fabulous waterfall grill and matching trim.
They were available in many different colors made with bakelite, plaskon and catalin plastics.

Schematic model 2A, 2B, 2C,
Schematic model B2A, B2B, B2C,
Schematic model 19 (battery),
Schematic model L2.


Made in 1946 by Moffats Ltd in Weston, Ontario for the Canadian branch of Crosley.

General Electric

Model C400, in mottled robin-egg blue beetle. A midget set that was made in various colors.
The US General Electric model GD-500 is nearly identical, only the volume and tuning knob were different and it did not have the small hood above the tuning dial.

Advertising ashtrays put out by Canada General Electric for Radiotron tubes (the base of the tubes say, "Made in Canada").
Red/green/black bakelite, marbled white/black, and spotted bakelite.

Northern Electric

The model 5000 "Baby Champ" is referred to among collectors as the "Rainbow". It was made in Canada in 1947.
The cabinets had an attractive metallic shimmer from the variety of hammertone enamel finishes that were available; red, blue, green and gold.
White and an unpainted brown cabinets were also options.
Check out these 1947 advertisements

Northern Electric

Model 414, 1936.


Model Ten-51, 1935


Model 5040, a midget radio with a marbled tenite "Split grill" and matching knobs. Made by Sparton of Canada, Ltd., London, Ontario, 1939.


1936 Sparton "Bluebird" 154B

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