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RCA 45-EY-26
interactive (Flash™)


RCA 9SX "Nipper"

Remler 26

Remler 40

Remler 46
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Remler 5505
"Scottie Pup"

Remler 49

Remler 5300

Remler 5520
"Scottie Junior"

Remler 6000

Remler 5500
"Scottie Pup"

Remler 51

"Scottie" ashtray

"Scottie" tube tapper

Sentinel 106A

Sentinel 212

Sentinel 284

Sentinel 149A

Sentinel 195ULT

Setchell Carlson 416

Setchell Carlson 458r

Shelley "Commuter"

Silvertone 4760

Silvertone 6403

Silvertone 9022
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Silvertone 6409

Silvertone 3002

Silvertone 4770

Silvertone 7004

Silvertone 7000

Silvertone ch109.216

Sonora WJU

Sonora B22

Sonora TV-48

Sparton 511

Sparton 5008

Stewart Warner A51T3

Stewart Warner A-6S


Trav-ler T-201

Truetone 278-5Q

Truetone 2610
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Truetone D941

Truetone 2017
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Truetone 5Z

Truetone 4DF11

Truetone D2709

Truetone "Junior"

Western Air Patrol 558

Westinghouse WR120

A-51 Li'l Champ

Zenith R615F

Zenith 6D413

Zenith 6D312
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Zenith 4K515

Zenith 6D512

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