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Dahlberg model 4130-D11 Coin operated hospital or motel room radio with pillow speaker, 1955

Dahlberg 4130-D11

Delco Radio R-1134 bakelite, 1940

Dahlberg 4130-D11

Detrola Radio model 274 with white plaskon cabinet and red grille, 1939

Detrola 274

Detrola Radio model 274 with blue plaskon cabinet and white grille, 1939

Detrola 274

Detrola Radio model 424 with brown bakelite cabinet and white plaskon grille with a handle

Detrola 424

Detrola Radio model 201 PeeWee export for Europe, same as Detrola model 219, beetle plastic, 1939

"Super PeeWee" 201

Detrola Radio model Jr, brown bakelite midget, 1938

Detrola Jr

Detrola Radio model 197 PeeWee with white plaskon cabinet and red knobs and feet, 1939

Detrola "PeeWee" 197

Detrola Radio model 211 brown bakelite with round dial

Detrola 211

Dewald Radio model B512 Clock Radio with catalin cabinet

Dewald B512

Dewald Radio model A502 with catalin cabinet

Dewald A502

Dewald Radio model B501 Lyre or Harp with catalin cabinet

Dewald B501

Dewald Radio model B401, white plaskon midget

Dewald B401

Dewald Radio model Bantam, bakelite with white knobs and feet

Dewald Bantam

Dewald Radio model 549 with white plaskon dashboard design

Dewald 549

Emerson Radio model EP-375 Five plus One red Catalin cabinet

Emerson EP-375

Emerson Radio model AU190 butterscotch catalin cabinet, 1937

Emerson AU-190

Emerson Radio model AX235 green catalin cabinet, 1937

Emerson AX135

Emerson Radio model 149, black and white plaskon cabinet, 1937

Emerson 149

Emerson Radio model 157, black and white plaskon cabinet, 1937

Emerson 157

Emerson Radio 108 tombstone style with white plaskon cabinet, 1936

Emerson 108

Emerson Radio model AX211 mini bakelite with sled feet, 1938

Emerson AX211

Emerson Radio model 109 brown bakelite

Emerson 109

Emerson Radio model BA199, brown bakelite, 1938

Emerson BA199

Emerson Radio model 20A, brown bakelite with ornate grille, 1933

Emerson 20A

Emerson Radio model 17 with black bakelite cabinet and chrome trim

Emerson 17

Emerson Radio model 520 with catalin cabinet and white plaskon grille

Emerson 520

Emerson Radio model 707B Sunburst with red cabinet, 1950s

Emerson 707B

Emerson Radio model 540 with red plaskon cabinet

Emerson 540

Emerson Radio model 511 with red plaskon cabinet with gold marbling

Emerson 511

Emerson Radio model BE-198 Mystery Radio with no dial, pushbutton only tuning, 1938

Emerson BE-198

Emerson Radio CR-274, white plaskon

Emerson BE-198

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