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Fada History

Fada Radio model 1000 with blue catalin cabinet, 1946

Fada 1000

Fada Radio model 652 Temple with butterscotch and red catalin cabinet, 1946

Fada 652

Fada Radio model 250 with white plaskon cabinet and gold trim, 1937

Fada 250G

Fada Radio model 354BG with black bakelite cabinet and gold trim, 1937

Fada 354BG

Fada Radio model 260RG with red plaskon cabinet and gold trim, 1937

Fada 260RG

Fada Radio model 139 white plaskon, 1940

Fada 139

Fada Radio model 350 brown bakelite, 1936

Fada 350

Fada Radio model 53 with onyx catalin cabinet

Fada 53

Fada Radio model L56 with white plaskon cabinet and blue concentric grille, 1940

Fada L56

Fada Radio model L56 - 136 with burgundy catalin cabinet

Fada 136

Fada Radio model L56 with blue catalin cabinet, 1940

Fada L56

Fada Radio model 700 with plum catalin cabinet

Fada 700

Fada Radio model 845 with white polystyrene cabinet, 1946

Fada 845

Fada Radio model 1005 with blue cabinet, 1946

Fada 1005

Fada Radio model 740 with white plaskon cabinet, 1947

Fada 740

Fada Radio model 790 with white plaskon cabinet, 1949

Fada 790

Fada Radio model 660 with maroon cabinet, 1951

Fada 660

Fada Radio model 200V with ivory cabinet, 1951

Fada 200V

Farnsworth Radio model unknown, brown bakelite, pushbuttons, 1939

Farnsworth (1939)

Firestone model 4-A-12 AM-FM radio, 1948

Firestone 4-A-12

Freshman Masterpiece Radio model 5D118, with white painted bakelite cabinet and concentric grille, 1947

Freshman Masterpiece

General Electric Radio model GD500 brown bakelite, 1939

General Electric GD500

General Electric Radio model L622 Jewelry Box with tortoise shell catalin cabinet, 1941

General Electric L622

General Electric Radio model 54 in marbled brown bakelite cabinet and vertical dial and molded back

General Electric 54

General Electric Radio model H520 in brown marbled bakelite cabinet with molded back

General Electric H520

General Electric Radio model H520 with white beetle marbled cabinet and molded back, 1939

General Electric H520

General Electric Radio model F40 deco design, bakelite, 1938

General Electric F40

General Electric Radio model GD520 with marbled white beetle cabinet, 1939

General Electric GD-520

General Electric Radio model 200, brown bakelite, 1948

General Electric 200

General Television Radio model 421, brown bakelite

General Television 421

General Television unknown model brown bakelite midget

General Television

General Television 5A5 black and white

General Television 5A5

Gilfillan Radio model 6L with white plaskon cabinet

Gilfillan 6L

Globe Radio model 532 with catalin cabinet in butterscotch and tortoise shell grille, same as Arvin 532 catalin radio

Globe 532

Goodyear Belmont-made radio model 602B, black bakelite, 1938

Goodyear 602B

Grantline Belmont-made radio model 503, bakelite, 1941

Grantline 503

Grantline Belmont-made radio model 501, bakelite, 1941

Grantline 501

Grebe Radio model Challenger, same as Garod or Lafayette Radio model C3, 1937

Grebe "Challenger"

Grebe Radio model Challenger, same as Lafayette and Garod Challenger, 1937

Grebe "Challenger"

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