**FRENCH Antique Radios**

Vintage radios from France will operate on 120 volt, making them more appealing to American collectors.

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Ducretet model L2323 from 1953. A very appealing midget radio occasionally found in white plaskon, with only a few known to exist in this turquoise color. A damaged red one recently surfaced. (schematics), (service notes).

Ducretet Thomson

This is the model L424 radio with a white plaskon cabinet and reverse-painted glass dial. (schematics), (service notes).

Ducretet Thomson

The model L524 is a fairly large (12" wide x 9.5" tall) multi-band radio with a plaskon cabinet and reverse-painted, glass dial. (1955) (schematics), (service notes).


Grandin "Labrador", Very unusual asymetric design plaskon midget, with pushbuttons, 1958. (schematics), (service notes).


Dramatically marbled brown bakelite model 44 made by Jicky. I'm still looking for a schematic, please let me know if you have one.


The 1953 Marconi "Baby" 41 is equivalent to the Pathe "Lutin" ("Goblin" or "Leprechaun") 451 and is a 4-tube midget radio with top slide-rule dial and recessed side thumbwheel knobs. Adorned with an elf playing a flute (?). Interesting little radio made from three separate pieces; the front and back halves, and the base. The bottom label shows the radio's specifications. (schematics)


Oceanic, "Type: Surcouf", made from a combination of wood and plastics, with a glass reverse-painted dial. (schematics).

Philips BF101_U (left)--- ---Radiola RA15-U (center)-- ---Radiola RA11-U (right)

Three radios of identical size made in France in the early '50s by Radiola and Philips. Clear lucite grills of incredible design! The RA15U has the dial scale printed onto the grillcloth. The BF101 and RA11U have identical circuits.
(BF101, RA11U: schematics, parts list, chassis diagram, dial string).
(RA15U: schematics, service notes, chassis diagram, dial string).


Model RA 248 (1958) ...
schematics (1mb PDF)


Model RA-26U, made in France 1951, made of white plaskon with a gold sun-ray grille over red grille cloth and clear knobs with gold trim, or brown bakelite with a clear grille. 5 tubes; UCH42, UF41, UBC41, UL41, UY41. Turned on, the dial and Radiola logo have a beautiful mesmerizing glow. One of my all-time favorite radio designs. (schematics, service notes pg1, service notes pg2, service notes pg3).


A beautifully marbled, 3-band, TV-dial "Super Groom" made in 1941. Sometimes found with various pin-stripe colors and knobs, or in solid brown bakelite. This radio is identical to the German Braun F56GW, other than the dial glass markings. It used 5 tubes; 6E8G, 6K7, 6Q7, 25L6 and 25Z6. (schematics, service notes pg1, service notes pg2).


This Radialva was called the "Brio" and was made ca. 1950. It's top and bottom halves are made of metal, painted with a snakeskin textured surface, with a fancy plastic dial surround, plaskon knobs and trimmed with white rubber stripes. (schematics)


Model "SuperClips", miniature (only 8"wide, 5"high), made of 3 separate plaskon pieces and metal top grille. Click Here for a close-up.
Here is a Schematic for the Superclips.


The model Super AS50 with the red plaskon grill and matching knobs and the AS53 with a beautifully marbled cabinet were made in the early '50s.
The AS53 is the only French radio I have ever seen made with a beetle plastic. (360 degree view) (AS53 schematics),

Radio Antena

Model "Versailles", great design with illuminated side columns, center green tuning "eye", faux snake-skin trim next to the center nameplate and a mirrored dial, just to mention some of the interesting features. Made from of metal, wood, plastic and glass.


Model "Telemonde", made from white plaskon with a mirrored dial.


Model Excelsior 55, an absolutely wild design, made in France by SNR (Societe Nouvelle Radio - Electrique). AM and Shortwave, "magic eye" tube, dual mirrored dials, reverse painted plastic grille with painted metal cabinet, 1954. The radio measures 22 inches wide, 15 1/2 inches tall and 7 inches deep. (schematics).


The Greek temple inspired design with Corinthian illuminated glass pillars accentuate the art deco styling of this stunning, marbled bakelite Sonora T37. An impressive radio standing nearly 17" tall. Made in 1936. (schematics).


The iconic French Sonora model 302 was made in a large brown bakelite cabinet with chrome trim and a mirrored dial and a tuning eye. The model 301 was a version that did not include the tuning eye. They were made in 1949. Many reproductions of the radio have been made in different sizes in recent years.
301 schematic,302 schematic


Highly collectible Sonorette 50. A very small bakelite that was available in red, green, white and marbled brown cabinets.
(360 degree view)
(schematics 1, schematics 2.)


Large bakelite Tecalemit "Super 54" - an early bakelite made in 1935. (schematics, service notes.)


Midget Zodiac "Moskito 550", only 5" wide! Brown bakelite with white painted trim and enamel emblem. A 2 band radio with 5 tubes squeezed into the tiny cabinet. (Back of radio)


Zodiac "Elysée"

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