**GERMAN Antique Radios**

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Graetz "Komtess" 214WE, factory painted bakelite, mirrored dial, pushbuttons and metal grille.
Schematics (pdf)


The Nora "Menuett" has a mint green body with white front and (back) panels.
(Flash™ display showing the unique dial)


Model 311WL, beautifully marbled brown bakelite. A very early bakelite made ca.1933.


The Seibt GW2149P "Pierrette" was designed to hang on the wall.
It is made out of clear lucite that is reverse painted on the inside of the radio.
It was made in 1948 and can be switched between 220 volt or 120 volt..
(pdf Schematic for a Seibt Piccolette 2149 - I think it is equivalent)

Stern Radio Sonneberg

model Ilmenau 480, late '50s.
(schematics, parts list)

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