Dahlberg coin-op radio model 4130-D11, mint green

The Dahlberg model 4130-D11 is a coin-operated radio made for hotels and hospitals. It was designed to be mounted on the bed headboard and featured a pillow speaker.
1 to 5 dimes gave you 1 to 5 hours of listening before it would shut off.
Click on the radio to hear a clip from the radio drama, "Skyking" (double-click to pause/stop)
This example is a mint green, but pink and white cabinets were also available.
A version with a clock in place of the coin mechanism was also made.
Some came with a cut-off switch in the pillow speaker cradle on the left hand side. The colorful Dahlberg enameled nameplate was not included on all its versions.
Notice the upside-down dial for better viewing from bed. A light in the top gives off a nice glow when it's playing. It was made in 1955 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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Dahlberg coin-op radio hospital photo

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