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In 1915 Elmer Cunningham started the vacuum tube Audio Tron Sales Company in San Francisco and was in direct competition with Lee de Forest, a leading manufacturer of triodes sold under the Audion brand. In 1918 Cunningham founded Remler Company Ltd. in San Francisco. Elmer's name backwards with an additional R created the name "Remler". The 1922 advertisement below shows Cunningham's Remler also had a Chicago presence. Then in late 1922, co-founders Thomas B. Gray and Ernest G. Danielson bought out Cunningham and became sole owners of Remler Radio. The 1923 Remler ad below shows Cunningham's name removed and expansion to New York. A few years later, a 1926 advertisement shows Remler as a division of Gray & Danielson Mfg Co. Remler offered dozens of radio parts and by the late 1920s, they began manufacturing complete radio recievers offering many different radio models. In the early 1930s, the popular Remler Radio Scottie series began, with their radio models adorned with the iconic Scottie dog logo, making them incredibly popular with both radio and scottie dog collectors today. Cunningham is a surname of Scottish origin and Eleanor Roosevelt had a Scottish Terrier named Meggie when the family entered the White House in 1933 which were likely inspirations for Remler's Scottie Dog logo. In 1940, FDR's 2nd Scottie dog, "Fala" was born. Fala was a media sensation which heightened Scottie dog popularity. Remlers were not expensive, but well made radios and the Scottie Remler Radio series continued into the late 1940s. Remler left the consumer radio market in the early 1950s. Remler Radio manufacturing never strayed from San Francisco and their radios were primarily marketed on the west coast with many of the radio dials labeled with west coast radio stations. Remler radio dials with east coast radio station labels are rarely found, but show marketing the Remler radios in the east was attempted. The Remler Company continued business in the San Francisco Area manufacturing electronics for government entities and lasted until 1988.

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Remler Scottie debut article

Remler 26 Scottie ad

Remler Radio advertisement Remler Radio advertisement2

Remler Scottie Pup and Junior Radios ad


Remler Radio 1922 advertisement
(August 1922, Radio News)

Remler Radio 1923 advertisement

Remler Radio 1926 advertisement
(September 1926, Citizens Radio Call Book)

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