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Airline 62-131
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Airline 62-403
"Movie Dial"

Airline 04WG-803B

Atwater Kent 82
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Atwater Kent 206
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Atwater Kent 86

Atwater Kent 447

Atwater Kent 708

Atwater Kent
Type TA Det/Amp

Automatic (model ?)
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Automatic (model ?)

Automatic 950 Tom Thumb

Belmont 6D15
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Best Radio (model ?)

Clarion AC-85
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Clarion 470

Climax (model unknown)

Corona 209

Crosley 48

Crosley 54
"New Buddy"

Crosley 5M4

Detrola 2811

Detrola 148E

Dumont RA346

Emerson 110

Emerson 38
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Emerson DB247
"Snow White"

Emerson AR-165

Emerson BL214

Emerson CV298

Emerson AU213

Empire model?
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Fada 351

Fada 172

Fada 252

GE K-85

GE E-105

GE 52

Grebe MU-1

Grebe Synchrophase 7

Grunow 460

Grunow 588

Imperial 601

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