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Majestic 149

Majestic 1S49
"Melody Cruiser"

Majestic "Petit"

Midwest 18-36

Pacific 6322

Philco 90

Philco 60

Philco 89

Philco 620

Philco 38-610

Philco 76

Philco PT-49
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Philco 116X

Philco PT-61

Philco 40-110

RCA 110

RCA 128
with OTR clip (Flash™)



RCA R-73

RCA 30

RCA T8-18
with OTR clip (Flash™)

RCA 121
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Scott "Masterpiece"

"Masterpiece" dial

Power Supply / Amplifier

Scott "Lido"

"Lido" chassis

Sentinel 125

1926 Nutrodyne

Sparton 716
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Sparton 557
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Steinite ch.26

Stewart Warner 07-514-H

Stewart Warner R1235

Stromberg Carlson 430H

Tomche Reflex

Trav-Ler 315SW
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Truetone D911-B
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Truetone D2210

Westinghouse WR-100

Wilcox Gay (model ?)
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Zenith 8-H-034

Zenith 8-S-463

Zenith 12-S-232
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Zenith 5-S-29

Zenith 6-S-27

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