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thumbnail photo of 1938 Admiral model 373-5R with pushbuttons and brass escutcheon, white plaskon

1938 Admiral Radio model 985-6Y 2-way radio, black bakelite

1938 Admiral Radio model 398-6M, pushbuttons and brass escutcheon, beetle plastic

Admiral Radio model Little Admiral, 1939, painted bakelite

Admiral Radio model 158-5J, beetle plastic

Admiral 373-5R

Admiral 985-6Y

Admiral 398-6M

"Little Admiral"

Admiral 158-5J

Air King model 770 radio, white plaskon, skyscraper design with magic eye tube

Air King 770 "Skyscraper"

Airline Radio model 62-288 Miracle, black bakelite, magic tuning eye, pushbuttons

Airline Radio model 62-351, brown bakelite, pushbuttons

Airline Radio model 54BR-1506A, white painted bakelite with pushbuttons, 1946

Airline Radio model 93WG-602B, brown bakelite, magic tuning eye tube, pushbuttons, 1939

Airline Radio model 84BR-1507, pushbuttons, 1946

Airline 62-288

Airline 62-351

Airline 54BR-1506A

Airline 93WG-602B

Airline 84BR-1507

Airline Radio model 74BR-1502B, white plaskon, 1947

Airline Radio model 14BR-525A, brown swirled bakelite, pushbutton, 1941

Airline Radio model 62-445, white plaskon, telephone dial tuning, 1938

Airline Radio model 93WG-604A, brown bakelite, pushbuttons, magic tuning eye tube, 1939

Airline Radio model 84BR-1515A, brown bakelite

Airline 74BR-1502B

Airline 14BR-525A

Airline 62-445

Airline 93WG-604A

Airline 84BR-1515A

Airline Radio chassis 6D7, brown bakelite

Airline 14WG-624A

Airite 3010 radio with side clock and inkwell

Airite 3010

Arvin Radio model 602, brown bakelite, 1938

Arvin Radio model 68, pushbuttons, no dial, brown bakelite, 1939

Arvin Radio model 2581, salmon painted, 1958

Arvin Radio Phonograph model 302A, chrome grill, metal body, 1939

Arvin 602

Arvin 68

Arvin 2581

Arvin 302A

Automatic Radio model 8-15, black durez bakelite, 1936

Automatic Radio Corp model Tom Thumb Jr, sun ray etchings, bakelite, 1935

Automatic Radio Corp, unknown model, brown bakelite, 1936

Automatic Radio Corp, unknown model, brown bakelite, 1936

Automatic Radio Corp, model 950, red catalin plastic, 1938

Automatic 8-15

Automatic Tom Thumb Jr.

Automatic model?

Automatic model?

Tom Thumb 950

Automatic Radio Corp model 440, beetle plastic

Automatic Radio Corp, brown bakelite, unknow model number

Automatic Radio Corp model 614X, brown bakelite

Automatic Radio Corp model TT-600 hybrid radio, red plastic

Automatic 440


Automatic 614X

Automatic Tom Thumb

Belmont Radio History

Belmont Radio model 526, white plaskon, pushbuttons

Belmont Radio model 4B115 battery set, bronw bakelite

Belmont Radio model 5D128, bakelite, 1946

Belmont Radio model 638 bakelite, 1941, model 6D111 equivalent

Belmont Radio model 6D120, bakelite, 1946

Belmont 526

Belmont 4B115

Belmont 5D128

Belmont 638

Belmont 6D120

Belmont Radio model 5D118, concentric dial, bakelite, 1947

Belmont Radio model 519, bakelite, 1939

Belmont Radio model 520, bakelite, side knob dial, 1939

no marking, Belmont Radio style, kit radio

Belmont 5D118

Belmont 519

Belmont 520

Belmont(?) kit radio

Belmont radios
with other retailer
names on them:

Freshman Masterpiece

Good Year
Western Royal

Bendix Radio model 526C green catalin cabinet, 1946

Bendix 526C

Caltron, Aeolian Radio with brown bakelite cabinet, same as Ray Energy model SRB-1X


Capehart Clock Radio model C-14, 1953

Capehart Radio model T-522, red plastic, 1953

Capehart C-14

Capehart T-522

Clinton Radio with black and white plaskon 4 piece cabinet, late 30s, same as Pilot Radio model

Clinton model?

Continental radio model 1000, white

Hyde Park Continental radio model 1600, green

Continental 1000

Continental 1600
(Hyde Park)

Co-op model R-546 Frog eyes radio with blue plaskon cabinet

Co-op R-546

Coronado Radio model 43-8160 brown bakelite cabinet with concentric dial, 1947

Coronado Radio model 43-8190 with white plaskon cabinet and blue trim

Coronado Radio model 636 brown bakelite with pushbuttons

Coronado Radio model 521, white plaskon, pushbuttons and side knob tuning, 1938

Coronado Radio model 5D2-4A, brown bakelite, 1939

Coronado 43-8160

Coronado 43-8190

Coronado 636

Coronado 521

Coronado 5D2-4A

Crosley Radio model 10-135 Dashboard, bakelite, 1953

Crosley Radio model C-529A, brown bakelite with top pushbuttons, 1939

Crosley Radio model 11-102 Bullseye, bakelite with green finish, 1953

Crosley Radio model 11-116U Left Bullseye, bakelite with gray finish, 1951

Crosley Radio model 628B, bakelite, pushbuttons, 1939

Crosley 10-135

Crosley C-529A

Crosley 11-102U

Crosley 11-116U

Crosley 628B

Crosley Clock Radio model D-25MN Dashboard, bakelite with maroon finish, 1951

Crosley Jeweler's Radio model 11-110U, reverse painted white lucite cabinet

Crosley D-25MN

Crosley 11-110U

Dahlberg model 4130-D11 Coin operated hospital or motel room radio with pillow speaker, 1955

Dahlberg 4130-D11

Delco Radio model R-1134 bakelite

Delco R-1134

Detrola Radio model 274 with white plaskon cabinet and red grille, 1939

Detrola Radio model 424 with brown bakelite cabinet and white plaskon grille with a handle

Detrola Radio model 201 PeeWee export for Europe, same as Detrola model 219, beetle plastic, 1939

Detrola Radio model Jr, brown bakelite midget, 1938

Detrola Radio model 197 PeeWee with white plaskon cabinet and red knobs and feet, 1939

Detrola 274

Detrola 424

"Super PeeWee" 201

Detrola Jr.

Detrola "PeeWee" 197

Detrola Radio model 274 blue plaskon

Detrola Radio model 211 brown bakelite with round dial

Detrola 274

Detrola 211

Dewald Radio model B512 Clock Radio with catalin cabinet

Dewald Radio model A502 with catalin cabinet

Dewald Radio model B501 Lyre or Harp with catalin cabinet

Dewald Radio model B401, white plaskon midget

Dewald Radio model Bantam, bakelite with white knobs and feet

Dewald B512

Dewald A502

Dewald B501

Dewald B401

Dewald Bantam

Dewald Radio model 549 with white plaskon dashboard design

Dewald 549

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