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Admiral 372-5B
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Admiral 985-6Y

Admiral 398-6M

"Little Admiral"

Air King 770 "Skyscraper"
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Airline 62-280
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Airline 62-351

Airline 54BR-1506A
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Airline 93WG-602B

Airline 84BR-1507
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Airline 74BR-1502B

Airline 14BR-525A

Airline 62-445
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Airline 93WG-604A

Airline 84BR-1515A

Airline 6D7

Airite 3010

Arvin 602

Arvin 68

Arvin 2581

Arvin 302A

Automatic 440

Automatic 614x

Automatic Tom Thumb Jr.

Automatic Radio (1936)

Automatic Tom Thumb 950

with OTR clip (Flash™)

Automatic Tom Thumb TT-600

Belmont 526

Belmont 4B115

Belmont 5D128
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Belmont 638

Belmont 6D120

Belmont 5D118

Belmont 519

Belmont 520

Bendix 526C


Capehart C-14

Capehart T-522

Clinton model?

Co-op R-546

Coronado 43-8160 "Jewel"
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Coronado 43-8190

Coronado 636

Crosley 10-135

Crosley C-529A
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Crosley 11-102U

Crosley 11-116U

Crosley 628B

Crosley D-25MN

Crosley 11-110U

Dahlberg 4130-D11
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Detrola 274
with OTR clip (Flash™)

Detrola 424

Detrola "Super PeeWee" 201

Detrola Jr.

Detrola "PeeWee" 197

Detrola 211

Dewald B512

Dewald A502

Dewald B501

Dewald B401

Dewald Bantam

Dewald 549
with OTR clip (Flash™)

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