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Learn about antique radios from around the world.

See many different stylish radios from Art Deco and Modernism design, the Machine Age and more.
See radios created by famous designers such as Walter Dorwin Teague, Le Corbusier, Raymond Loewy and others.
View wood radios, Catalin radios, Bakelite radios, Plaskon and Beetle tube radios from '20s to '60s.
Learn about the different plastics used to make radio cabinets.
You will find radios from around the world
including the USA, Canada, France, Australia, UK, Germany, Japan, Spain, Hungary and many other countries.
Identify your vintage radio with photos and schematics in the gallery.
Hopefully, this will help serve as a guide to show some of the high style radios that can be found.
Warning: Radio Collecting can be addicting!

Here is a sample of the gallery's antique radios you will find ahead...

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Antique Radio collection index

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This is a cover story article about collecting vintage radios from the Monitoring Times 2011 July issue.
Although the article emphasizes collecting of early plastic radios,
you will find tips on radio collecting in general, what to look for, values, restoration and more.
Radio design is a much more important factor than rarity in determining value in the collector market.
Designs using streamlined cabinets, chrome chassis or colorful or marbled plastics are most popular with collectors.
Some models are not so rare, but high demand for them because of their design, has driven the price up.
The Philco model 49-501 "Boomerang" and the Fada model 1000 "Bullet" are good examples of this.
Radio features such as magic green eye tuning tubes, pushbuttons, small size, or high tube count are important factors.
Click here to read the Monitoring Times radio collecting interview that the following article was compiled from
or click the image below to read the article from the magazine page full-size JPGs.

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lackner neon-glo clock

The use of colorful plastics, glass, chrome and woods in clocks
similar to radios, gained my attention over years of collecting.
I found that I was also a clock collector with dozens of clocks that accumulated around the house,
many with classic Art Deco and Machine Age design.
Browse through many clocks from the 1930s to the 1950s from the collection.

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Antique Radio Vacuum Tube Box Art

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